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Premium Chair Cover Rentals From Fancy Seats

March 4, 2020
March 4, 2020 at 5:00 AM

Planning a formal celebration in central or eastern Pennsylvania? If so, Fancy Seats offers the chair cover and accessories rentals that you need to elevate the experience for all attendees. Our team will work with you or your coordinator to make sure that you get the items needed to make your event a true success. We have earned a solid reputation throughout eastern and central Pennsylvania for excellent customer care and commitment to satisfaction.At Fancy Seats, we take pride in helping to make your special event as successful as possible.

Ensure an Elegant Look Regardless of Venue

You have a special event coming up. It could be a wedding, anniversary, company party, or other special occasion. You need every detail to be perfect. This includes chair covers, napkins, and other formal dinner essentials.We make sure that attendees experience an event with class and style. Even in cases where the venue has a more everyday look, such as a rented fire hall, community center, or hotel conference room, we can produce stunning results.Often, in such venues, chairs and tables are purchased for convenience and function only. They offer nothing to creating a beautiful aesthetic. Our services transform these vital elements of the room into a vision of style.Our chair covers, sashes, napkins, and table runners are the worthwhile investment in elegance that your event needs. We can even include colorful bows for the ultimate final touch.Trust our experience in providing the best service. We know how to combine venue aesthetics with client visions to craft a beautiful result that your guests will love. 

Our Package Deals

We offer a wide range of deals to serve your event. Whether you expect five or five hundred guests, we can create a customizable package to fit your needs.Our services start at a low $1.99 per chair cover for individual or smaller orders. If you need covers and accessories for a small to medium sized event, we can help you make its appearance as memorable as possible.For approximately 140 chairs, we can offer chair covers and other items for reasonable prices starting at $650. This includes a number of accessories, such as napkins, runners, and other materials. Many of our customers, however, prefer the all inclusive package. For $1,000, you get enough chair covers, table runners, napkins, and bows to cover your entire event. Our team can work with you to make sure you get the right styles and colors for the event. 

Reach Out to Learn More Today 

Let our team at Fancy Seats help you add elegance and style to formal events. Our high quality chair covers, table runners, napkins, bows, and other accessories elevate venue surroundings. We enjoy being a part of your special celebrations.Call or message our team if you have any questions about our services. You can call (610) 763-2569, send an email to or even message us directly. When your event needs to shine in central or eastern Pennsylvania, make the call to Fancy Seats. We elevate your celebration to elegance.